E-commerce Solutions

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We are a leading E-commerce web development company crafting high-functioning E-commerce websites for the ultimate online shopping experience. Our E-commerce services include a full-fledged online store web design, managing the backend & driving sales. The goal is to move your business to a multichannel data-driven environment.

We do more than just develop online shops

What makes for a good digital shopping experience? How can you achieve online sales targets? At B-mark we believe a future-proof E-commerce strategy starts with your needs, the choice of the right E-commerce solution, and goes all the way to made-to-fit digital marketing measures.


We offer vast experience in the provision of full-service digital commerce solutions. The demands and expectations facing solutions are incredibly diverse. That's why we love working in such a fascinating sector. 

Over the years, we have developed a tried and tested process that delivers results.


What are your goals? And what are your challenges? The first step is to fully understand your journey and your destination. Only then can we determine the best route.


A thorough analysis of your current set-up will reveal the lay of the land. What’s going right? What can be improved? And what are the best opportunities for optimum growth?


Using everything we’ve learnt, our team will formulate a killer game plan for your project. Detailed, forward-looking and backed up by data, we’ll clearly define what needs to be done and how we’ll do it.


We live and breathe code. And with the right code, you can make ecommerce magic happen. Simply put, a well-designed user interface can raise your site's conversion rate by up to 200%. We can make it happen.

Quality Assurance

Glitches. Slow loading times. Poor product filtering. Every revenue-sapping problem can and must be avoided. From Privacy to security and penetration, we’ll ensure your site is in tip-top condition.

Launch & Grow

Whether it’s a site migration, new build or complete revamps, Bing Digital can take any ecommerce business to the next level – and beyond. We launch, manage and support online stores.


If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. We keep a careful watch over the results and your KPIs, determine what actions make the biggest impact and relay that back into the strategy. A cycle of continuous improvement.

Have an idea?

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